Candid – Seven Confessions

Seven confessions, from the superficial… To the woman who did my nails at Stylist Live and said I needed to be using cuticle oil twice a day, never mind once a week: I have NEVER used cuticle oil. So there. Speaking of nails... I last painted my toenails two months ago. This wouldn’t be such … Continue reading Candid – Seven Confessions

Ten good things about today

Ten Good Things, 25.01.17 When real news is getting you down (and you have to specify the type of news you mean), it might help to take note of the good little things in an ordinary day. I got home on time, despite the trains being a mess. My train might have been cancelled, but there was … Continue reading Ten good things about today

I believe I changed my mind

‘Head to one of your favourite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.’ Today’s writing prompt ties in nicely with the fact that I was just admiring Wendi’s beautiful post ‘I Believe’, which you can read here. My companion piece isn’t going to be as lovely, because I’ve started thinking about the things … Continue reading I believe I changed my mind