Back to Blogging

I still get the back-to-school feeling this time of year, so it always feels like a good time to start things. This September it is back to blogging! (Plus a little makeover for the site, still in progress.) I have no explanation for the unexpected summer off, except a total lack of motivation, and perhaps … Continue reading Back to Blogging

2016 Highlights

New Year’s Eve. I’ve spent most of today alone, I have a glass of Prosecco in hand, and I’m a blogger, so it’s impossible to avoid reflecting on the past twelve months. 2016 has generally been considered a difficult year. I tried to write about this a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t post as … Continue reading 2016 Highlights

Other Ways to Fall in Love

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if I am two people living in one body. Despite being one of the biggest cynics I know, I’m also a soppy romantic. That’s why, when I realise I’ve reached 25 and I’ve never been in love, I sometimes feel like I’ve lost out on something. (Simple fear of missing out, says my … Continue reading Other Ways to Fall in Love

Photo Challenge: Humanity

This week’s photo challenge asks us to show ‘humanity’. If I were to try to describe humanity, it could become very long-winded. I’d go from thinking about humans as a collective, to the way we relate to each other, then to art, literature and music. However, when I was looking through the photos I’ve taken, I could pick … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Humanity