Three Years in London

Today marks three years since I moved to London. It’s weird, because I still feel like a bit of a newcomer here, yet three years is a pretty significant chunk of my life so far. Three years is the longest I have spent in one place, doing the same thing, since I was eighteen years … Continue reading Three Years in London


When I was a child, I saw the pictures in the stars, and not just the ones the grown-ups said were there.   But as the years went on, the stars all faded one by one. Now I look up past the buildings – I hear car horns, people shouting – and the city smog erases … Continue reading Constellations

My Inner Child Likes Chocolate

It’s World Poetry Day! Hope you enjoy reading all your favourite poets. I’ll be revisiting Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Elizabeth Jennings and Dr. Seuss amongst others, and perhaps trying a little writing of my own. In the meantime, this is one I wrote earlier. * My Inner Child Likes Chocolate   My inner child likes chocolate. … Continue reading My Inner Child Likes Chocolate