Time Capsule

This week’s blogging challenge is entitled ‘For posterity’, where we are to capture something that is about to disappear to preserve it. It seems particularly fitting at this point in time, when the world is changing so much. Then again, the world is changing all the time, and it is different through each set of … Continue reading Time Capsule

Ten of My Favourite Literary Quotes About Love

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday at The Broke and the Bookish has come over all romantic with a Valentine’s theme, and when it comes to books and love there are so many things you could write. However, why not leave that to the writers themselves? Here are ten of my favourite quotes on love from some brilliant … Continue reading Ten of My Favourite Literary Quotes About Love

The Happiness Equation

I toyed with many manifesto ideas for this week’s writing challenge. ‘Why Everybody Should Read Harry Potter’ was considered, alongside the rather obvious ‘Wake Up Your Luck’, although it turns out I haven’t quite figured out how to do that myself yet. However, many of the ideas involved in ‘waking up’ luck – being grateful, … Continue reading The Happiness Equation