2017: The Good

2017 has been a weird year. I’m not sure if it’s the just the state of global politics (‘just’) making it difficult not to sink into despair and set up camp there, but I’ve just not felt quite right for most of it. However, this is not a post for reflecting on that, because first … Continue reading 2017: The Good


Ten good things about today

Ten Good Things, 25.01.17 When real news is getting you down (and you have to specify the type of news you mean), it might help to take note of the good little things in an ordinary day. I got home on time, despite the trains being a mess. My train might have been cancelled, but there was … Continue reading Ten good things about today

Weekend Coffee Share: June’s Happy Days

Weekend Coffee Share is a feature hosted by Part-Time Monster. Read other posts in the link-up here. Hello, Weekend Coffee Share! I haven’t taken part in a while – actually, I have struggled to blog for a while – but let’s change that today. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that there … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: June’s Happy Days

Love is on the Radio – McFly

I realised tonight how much I listen to female singers. I was singing along to Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves and songs from Miss Saigon and Miss Henderson Presents, as I usually do, and wondered, ‘Where are all the men?!’ Then I remembered McFly, and this song reminded me how much I love them. ‘Said one … Continue reading Love is on the Radio – McFly

Reasons to Love London #1: Theatre

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits! Happy 1st of March! I’ve decided I’m too hard on London. Sure, the commute is awful and the price of almost everything is sky high, but I need to stop taking for granted the good things. So I’m starting a little feature – Reasons to Love London – to remind me of … Continue reading Reasons to Love London #1: Theatre