Weekend Coffee Share: Crazy for Carbonara

Afternoon/evening, weekend coffee sharers! I realise I’ve not been particularly chatty for a couple of weeks now, because things have been at once hectic and not very interesting. The main thing occupying my attention at the moment is my trip to Bologna – tomorrow. It is unfortunate that the clocks jump forward tonight, but the … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Crazy for Carbonara

Guest Post: Jenny’s 2015 Goals

Hi, everyone! Today I would like to warmly welcome the lovely Jenny from Jenny in Neverland, who has very kindly written me a guest post about what she would like to achieve this year. Go and visit her blog to read about her 2015 Reading Challenge, book hangovers and the time when plagiarism was funny. * Meet … Continue reading Guest Post: Jenny’s 2015 Goals


This week has been mental. I’ve been reading Station Eleven on my many train journeys around Central Scotland. It is about a post-apocalyptic world following a pandemic, so it isn’t exactly the lightest reading material. Then we had the referendum on Scottish independence on Thursday, and it’s safe to say that caused information overload and … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Photo Challenge: Humanity

This week’s photo challenge asks us to show ‘humanity’. If I were to try to describe humanity, it could become very long-winded. I’d go from thinking about humans as a collective, to the way we relate to each other, then to art, literature and music. However, when I was looking through the photos I’ve taken, I could pick … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Humanity