Why my life would be better if I didn’t commute

Completely unsurprisingly I got exasperated on the way home today. There have been speed restrictions on the trains since this morning because of a broken bit of track, so I was lucky I wasn’t late for work. However, I was late to my evening-at-home-relaxing, so that was annoying. (Not to mention the woman who pushed … Continue reading Why my life would be better if I didn’t commute

Sixteen Goals in 2016

I have taken an extra ten days to think about what I actually want to do and achieve in 2016, and I have finally come up with what I think is my best set of goals so far! These are my 16 in 2016: Travel 1. Visit fifty new places. I will visit fifty places … Continue reading Sixteen Goals in 2016

Other Ways to Fall in Love

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if I am two people living in one body. Despite being one of the biggest cynics I know, I’m also a soppy romantic. That’s why, when I realise I’ve reached 25 and I’ve never been in love, I sometimes feel like I’ve lost out on something. (Simple fear of missing out, says my … Continue reading Other Ways to Fall in Love