Yay for a snow day!

Oh yes, I have taken a holiday, and not to go out and play in the snow, oh no – I properly fell on the ice on Wednesday. It’s to stay inside ALL DAY and read some Robin Hobb and bake some rock cakes and do two lots of life admin and write a blog … Continue reading Yay for a snow day!

Two Days in Dublin

I cannot believe it has already been a month since I went to Dublin! Less surprisingly, I still haven’t written it up, but now that I’m trying to adjust the life balance I hope to have more evenings in, like this one, to keep the blog up to date! We left after work on the … Continue reading Two Days in Dublin

Weekend Coffee Share: Dancing and Daydreaming

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the past couple of weeks have been a decent time for getting through some of my 15 goals in 2015. 1. Visit fifty new places My friend visited last weekend, so we went to the Science Museum. There were a couple of great exhibits on cravings, genes … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Dancing and Daydreaming