Writing about not writing

I’ve been getting genuinely quite concerned about my brain recently. It doesn’t seem to produce any thought, it just receives information (and a barrage of negativity) from the Internet. Sometimes I can practically feel it frying. I really want to get back into writing again, but the truth is I have written nothing creative – … Continue reading Writing about not writing


R.I.P Jules Bianchi

Happy the man, and happy he alone, He who can call today his own; He who, secure within, can say, Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today. John Dryden, translating Horace, Odes, Book III, Ode 29 Last night, Jules Bianchi died after nine months in a coma. You might have heard of him … Continue reading R.I.P Jules Bianchi

Quote of the Week: I’m old enough to know that…

This is actually the first line of a song I love at the moment: 'I Ain't Leaving Without Your Love' by Sarah Zimmerman, Justin Davis and Carly Barlowe, featured in the TV show Nashville. I like how it suggests both wisdom and ignorance, and feel like that's probably quite representative of the age I am … Continue reading Quote of the Week: I’m old enough to know that…