A dose of ’90s pop

It has been a tiring week: a combination of late nights, early rises, and a few unusual stresses, including a trip to eye hospital... fortunately everything now seems to be sorted. It meant that when I settled down today, excited to finish The Ship of Destiny, I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than … Continue reading A dose of ’90s pop

London Bridge

In the past fortnight, I’ve cried for hundreds of strangers who have lost children and loved ones, including in a despicable attack at a funeral. Last night, things were closer to home. This time meant checking that friends were OK. It meant a sleepless night waiting for my boyfriend, working for the emergency services, to … Continue reading London Bridge

It will all work itself out in the wash

It turns out that after six weeks with a not-properly-functioning washing machine, there is no sweeter sound than the sloshing of a new one. After a month of pandering to the yellowing antique in the kitchen, including a minor flooding that seeped through the ceiling of the flat below, our landlord said we could get a new … Continue reading It will all work itself out in the wash