2017: The Good

2017 has been a weird year. I’m not sure if it’s the just the state of global politics (‘just’) making it difficult not to sink into despair and set up camp there, but I’ve just not felt quite right for most of it. However, this is not a post for reflecting on that, because first … Continue reading 2017: The Good

On This Day: 27 September

Facebook has many flaws, but the ‘On This Day’ feature is not one of them. Except for the fact that it brings with it the shocking realisation of how quickly the years pass by, it’s nice to look back on the memories and moments that prompted me or my friends to post. So this morning, … Continue reading On This Day: 27 September

Always Something There to Remind Me

Music is really important to me, and I listen to it a lot. We all do these days – shopping to a backing track of some chart song; working out to some trash at the gym; not-really-listening to whatever comes through our headphones on the way to work. Our lives have a pretty constant soundtrack. For … Continue reading Always Something There to Remind Me

The One Where I Get Sentimental

‘Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.’ I had this great idea at the beginning of the year. (By that I mean September 2012. Because I’m a student for another month and I still measure in academic years, OK?) I bought one of those Waldo Pancake notebooks saying … Continue reading The One Where I Get Sentimental