Three Years in London

Today marks three years since I moved to London. It’s weird, because I still feel like a bit of a newcomer here, yet three years is a pretty significant chunk of my life so far. Three years is the longest I have spent in one place, doing the same thing, since I was eighteen years … Continue reading Three Years in London

On This Day: 27 September

Facebook has many flaws, but the ‘On This Day’ feature is not one of them. Except for the fact that it brings with it the shocking realisation of how quickly the years pass by, it’s nice to look back on the memories and moments that prompted me or my friends to post. So this morning, … Continue reading On This Day: 27 September

Londonniversary: A year of life in London

It’s the 2nd of October, which is an important day that no one knows about: it’s my Londonniversary! Yes, one year ago today, I packed a case that was far too heavy for me, struggled on and off four trains and undergrounds, only to get spectacularly lost five minutes from the place I was going … Continue reading Londonniversary: A year of life in London