A dose of ’90s pop

It has been a tiring week: a combination of late nights, early rises, and a few unusual stresses, including a trip to eye hospital... fortunately everything now seems to be sorted. It meant that when I settled down today, excited to finish The Ship of Destiny, I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than … Continue reading A dose of ’90s pop

Blue Monday

I’m not really feeling like one with the words today. (A complete absence of posts last week suggests that I can’t really blame Blue Monday for this.) (Blue Monday actually sounds really pretty. Too pretty for today.) I have so much to do this week, both at work and around the house, that this will … Continue reading Blue Monday

Weekend Coffee Share: June’s Happy Days

Weekend Coffee Share is a feature hosted by Part-Time Monster. Read other posts in the link-up here. Hello, Weekend Coffee Share! I haven’t taken part in a while – actually, I have struggled to blog for a while – but let’s change that today. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that there … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: June’s Happy Days

Love is on the Radio – McFly

I realised tonight how much I listen to female singers. I was singing along to Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves and songs from Miss Saigon and Miss Henderson Presents, as I usually do, and wondered, ‘Where are all the men?!’ Then I remembered McFly, and this song reminded me how much I love them. ‘Said one … Continue reading Love is on the Radio – McFly