Mix Tape: May 2014-15

Daily Prompt: Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.  It’s funny that this prompt appeared today. There is a song called Mix Tape in Avenue Q, which I went to see yesterday, and it is a musical from which I could choose several songs to … Continue reading Mix Tape: May 2014-15

My Motivational Music

I will be talking about the trip to Bologna soon, but first there’s a mini anniversary to acknowledge: after just over two years, this is the 200th post on Wake Up Your Luck. This actually turned out to be quite annoying, because I felt like the post should be especially good because it was the … Continue reading My Motivational Music

Quote of the Week: I’m old enough to know that…

This is actually the first line of a song I love at the moment: 'I Ain't Leaving Without Your Love' by Sarah Zimmerman, Justin Davis and Carly Barlowe, featured in the TV show Nashville. I like how it suggests both wisdom and ignorance, and feel like that's probably quite representative of the age I am … Continue reading Quote of the Week: I’m old enough to know that…

Thankful Thursday: All the Small Things

February is already better than January and it is only day six! Here are some of the little things that have made me happy this week: Forrest Gump. Last night, we went round to Clare and Kathryn’s for another movie night, and I got to tick Forrest Gump off my list of movies to watch. … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: All the Small Things