It will all work itself out in the wash

It turns out that after six weeks with a not-properly-functioning washing machine, there is no sweeter sound than the sloshing of a new one. After a month of pandering to the yellowing antique in the kitchen, including a minor flooding that seeped through the ceiling of the flat below, our landlord said we could get a new … Continue reading It will all work itself out in the wash

Moving Forward

Weekend Coffee Share is a feature hosted by Part-Time Monster. You can read the other posts in the link-up here.  If we were having coffee this week, I’d have some exciting news: in less than three weeks, I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend. It has all happened so quickly. The idea had been floated … Continue reading Moving Forward

What does your blog say about you?

You would think your blog, particularly a personal one like mine, would say quite a lot about you. And yet, I couldn’t immediately think of the answer. So let’s deal with the elements of it: the title ‘Wake Up Your Luck’ is positive, and I like it. However, sometimes, it is entirely at odds with … Continue reading What does your blog say about you?