2017 Goals Review

Well, that's me just closed the curtains on the world outside for the last time in 2017. I've had a little moment listening to Taylor Swift's New Year's Day, and now I'm ready to curl up on the sofa and watch films, and hope that Adam makes it home for midnight. While leaving the house … Continue reading 2017 Goals Review

2017: The Good

2017 has been a weird year. I’m not sure if it’s the just the state of global politics (‘just’) making it difficult not to sink into despair and set up camp there, but I’ve just not felt quite right for most of it. However, this is not a post for reflecting on that, because first … Continue reading 2017: The Good

Exploring London: Fourteen finds for my first year

This was my first full year in London, having moved last October, so it has been all about getting out and exploring a little of what the city has to offer. There is so much more still on my list, but here are fourteen of my favourite places from this year, from restaurants to tourist … Continue reading Exploring London: Fourteen finds for my first year