Always Something There to Remind Me

Music is really important to me, and I listen to it a lot. We all do these days – shopping to a backing track of some chart song; working out to some trash at the gym; not-really-listening to whatever comes through our headphones on the way to work. Our lives have a pretty constant soundtrack. For … Continue reading Always Something There to Remind Me

Shake It Off

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about my week at home, not last week (which disappeared, and that is my real excuse for not writing sooner) but the week before. After a fairly stressful month of May, I took a whole week off work and headed back to Scotland to spend time … Continue reading Shake It Off

Photo of the Week: Stars of the Show

Well, I looked forward to it for months, and that’s the trip to London over already! I’ve picked a photo from the Taylor Swift Red Tour as my photo of this week. It’s not a technically good photo, but I like how, at this moment, the audience is more lit up than the stage. More … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Stars of the Show