My Favourite TV Shows

Hello! I have now moved and I have indeed been left without internet, and will be for a whole month – 500MB of mobile data REALLY doesn’t suffice. I have resorted to writing this in advance and quickly typing it up at the office. Until my flat is more organised, my head is going to … Continue reading My Favourite TV Shows

Once Upon a Time is taking over my life

Yes, I am the idiot who became addicted to a TV show that was on season five by the time I started watching it. This is good, in that I don’t have to wait a week – or, god forbid, a year – to find out what happens from one episode, or season, to the … Continue reading Once Upon a Time is taking over my life

Favourite Film and TV Love Triangles

I wasn’t going to let Valentine’s Day pass without a mention. I realise I sort of did (haven’t been feeling well so never had the chance to hit ‘publish’), but it’s better late than never! I couldn’t decide whether to go with a bitter-old-spinster tone or embrace my inner hopeless romantic. (Yes, you can be … Continue reading Favourite Film and TV Love Triangles