30 Before 30

I’m not quite sure why I decided to write a ‘30 before 30’ list less than a year before, but there’s nothing like a deadline to provide a little inspiration. Mine won’t read like many of these lists, because having asked myself what I’d really like to achieve before my next birthday, the answer was … Continue reading 30 Before 30

Yay for a snow day!

Oh yes, I have taken a holiday, and not to go out and play in the snow, oh no – I properly fell on the ice on Wednesday. It’s to stay inside ALL DAY and read some Robin Hobb and bake some rock cakes and do two lots of life admin and write a blog … Continue reading Yay for a snow day!

Writing about not writing

I’ve been getting genuinely quite concerned about my brain recently. It doesn’t seem to produce any thought, it just receives information (and a barrage of negativity) from the Internet. Sometimes I can practically feel it frying. I really want to get back into writing again, but the truth is I have written nothing creative – … Continue reading Writing about not writing

Once Upon a Time… I Was Creative

My brain needs a workout. When I was younger, I could sit down for an hour and produce six poems. Fair enough, they would too often take a teenager’s fascination with morbidity coupled with some truly terrible metaphors, but at least it was some words on a page. And occasionally, I produced something that I … Continue reading Once Upon a Time… I Was Creative


I love the word ‘maybe’. On a purely superficial level, it’s a pretty sounding word. Of course, its meaning is better. Perhaps. Possibly. It can be used negatively, of course: ‘Maybe I just won’t see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child if the ticket system is so frustrating.’ For me, though, it’s hopeful. I like … Continue reading Maybe